How often have we come across our urban friends complaining of their skin and hair problems? Comparing their skins to the Northeastern section of our country? Going all gaga about their skin and silky hair? What is the secret behind their perfect skin that they have been hiding from the rest of the world? The secret is that there is no secret. They are unknowingly doing a lot of things better than their urban counterparts. Our friends in the untouched areas of the country are blessed with an abundant supply of clean air, pure water, and fresh edibles. They work on farms, often without the help of machinery, which keeps them healthy and fit. Their medicinal intake is negligible especially if it concerns a cosmetic illness. Being well equipped with traditional recipes to get rid of most of the diseases their reliance on medicines is superficial. Apart from this, they don’t have to face the stressful situations that urbanites are prone to, namely, being stuck in traffic for hours after ogling at that computer screen for more than 9 hours of the day. The result is a stress free life, preserved youth and the most important s smooth freckle less skin and silky hair.


Comparatively, the urbanites face tremendously harsh conditions than our friends back in the country almost daily. As soon as they step out of the protective environment of their houses, they are bombarded with polluted and stinky air, dust fragments. This, in turn, leads to the intake of a lot of medicines that have side effects on the skin, like, rashes, dermatitis, acne, and many more. It is also well understood that people who live in the city experience daily stress because of transportation problems, the constant crowds, and congestion.  All of this adds up to cause several skin conditions of various degrees to almost 90% of the people. However, it is nearly impossible for a person that is born and brought up in an urban environment to shift to a village or a small town. Small towns lack the numerous facilities that cities offer.


So the question arises, is there a way in which urbanites can get rid of their cosmetic dilemmas without making drastic changes in their lives? Unlike the previous question, we can answer this one without any doubt. Hippocrates asserts, “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.” Spa therapies have existed since classical times when taking a bath with scented water was considered as a popular means to treat illnesses. Spa treatments and massage therapies create both mental and physical health benefits. Spa centers provide services like body scrub, body wrap, Thai foot reflexology, massages using oils and different kinds of butter, and aromatherapy. Massage therapies help in increasing the flow of blood towards the body part getting treated; Increase in blood circulation promotes the production of collagen and releases tension. The result is a relaxed and healthy body that is revitalized for another hectic city month.


It is clear that we are not as lucky as our rural friends to have lush green mountains around us that keep us naturally healthy, but we can seek the help of professionals to get what our body requires regularly. Spa therapies have existed for thousands of years and it is about time to accept its benefits and get off our unnecessary medication to lead a natural and healthy life.

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