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Get pampering , beautifying and relaxing services for skin , hair and body from fully trained professional beauticians & masseuse at our Beauty care & Spa Relax in our clean, hygienic and relax environment while we pamper you. Your comfort and satisfaction are our primary goals.

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About Aline's beauty care

Get pampering , beautifying and relaxing services for skin , hair and body from fully trained professional beauticians & masseuse at our Beauty care & Spa Relax in our clean, hygienic and relax environment while we pamper you. Your comfort and satisfaction are our primary goals.

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Best Spa in Goa for massages and therapy

Whether you come down on a holiday to just relax or you live in Goa and looking for a place to wind down on a weekend, a visit to our relaxing spa in Goa is a must if you’re looking for a peaceful time indulging in soothing Spa Treatments in Goa. Choose from a variety of Body Massages like Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Body Massage and Thai Foot Massages along with a refreshing and rejuvenating Aromatherapy massage in Goa. We offer Foot Reflexology in Goa which is a proven treatment to relax the pressure from your feet. Though many of the customers to our spa in Candolim, Goa like most of our spa treatment and massages, the hero on our menu is definitely the 60 minute aromatherapy body massage. It is a firm but deeply centering hour of attention to muscle detail. So relaxing that it will be pretty hard to get yourself off our massage table at the end of the session.

Finding the Best Spa in Goa is now easy

At the end of a tiring day or even a week in Goa, what you might really need is to take some time out and rejuvenate your senses at one of the best luxury spas in Goa. Don’t believe us? Go on and read on the top benefits of spa treatments to your body and thank us later! Aline’s Spa in Candolim, Goa is the best of its kind, not just because of the equipment or oils we use for our spa treatments but also having a well-trained team of masseurs who give you a world-class Spa experience in Goa. We ain’t boasting. Even TripAdvisor vouches for our spa in North Goa and terms it the best to head for a relaxed time. Located at the most desired tourist destination of India, Aline’s spa in Goa has mastered the art of holistic wellbeing. Your vacation in Goa should include a session of a revitalising spa treatment with a blend of the best known body therapies in the world.

We offer the best spa packages in North Goa

Aline’s Spa in North Goa boasts of oriental and Indian-touch therapies that helps in deep relaxation and healing of the body and mind. Rated as the best spa in Goa by many tourists and locals alike, we assure you that your experience at our spa in Goa will truly be unforgettable. From Swedish to Balinese massages, your spa treatment at Aline’s Spa Goa promises nothing but harmonisation of the mind, body and soul. Visiting a reputed spa in Goa like ours is a good idea after all that exhausting fun and frolic here in Goa. Since we are an internationally renowned Salon & Spa trusted for our quality Spa services, there’s no space for doubt when it comes to choosing us for your Spa and massage treatments while around Candolim or Miramar in Goa.

Couple Massages at best prices at our spa in Goa

Whether you're on a romantic vacation or simply treating yourself to an relaxing spa in Goa, a couples massage is a great way to spend a relaxing time with your loved one. Couples massages are becoming a popular trend in spa centres all round the world. The Couples massages are usually done in a larger spa room that is equipped with two massage beds. It is dim light providing a great setting for your massage session in Goa. So what happens in a couples massage is that we assign one massage therapist to each of you and give you a massage of your choice simultaneously. Our suggestion, when you go for a couples massage in Goa, is to choose a Aromatherapy session or stick to basic Swedish Massages instead of Deep Tissue Massages which are more into healing and restoration than relaxing. Aline’s Beauty Care & Spa in North Goa is one of the very few Spa centres in Goa that offer Couple massages and that too at the best prices.

Get the best spa treatment you deserve in Goa

Who said that being in Goa is all about partying and exploring. The country life and the lush green roads sure does make you feel like you’re in heaven, but have to been to the best spa in Goa? After partying on a Saturday all night long, head down to Aline’s Spa in Goa for a day long pampering. Your meaning of a heavenly experience is bound to change. Aline’s Spa is an International Chain of authentic spas and centre for beauty care. Our spa in Goa at Candolim is considered to the best because of its accessible location and the fact that we customise a spa package as per your need and budget. So, it’s time for you to unwind in its true essence. Pick the best from the list of spa therapies we offer in Goa at Aline’s Spa Candolim, amidst plush interiors, awe-inspiring aura and a well-trained staff. Give us a call right away and book your appointment at the best spa in Goa now.

Indulge in a variety of Facials at Best Spa in Goa

If you really need a valid reason to get yourself a facial at a Spa, we will give you two! Facials relax your face muscles and give you a radiant skin. What you really don’t know that facial is also useful for is detecting unusual skin problems that might affect your health. A therapist who does facial regularly can understand the difference between a healthy looking skin and problematic skin. Be it a man or a woman, everyone desires to have the same thing - a smooth, clear and youthful looking skin. From Gold Facial, Fruit Facial, Aromatherapy Facial to Deep Cleansing treatments, Aline’s spa in Goa offer them all. Facial treatments are one of the best ways to take care of your skin that help to maximize your natural beauty. A professional facial treatment in the best spa in Goa will help you to achieve a fresher and younger looking skin. That’s because facials improve your skin’s elasticity and texture and also tightens the facial contours. It also can help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles without the use of any expensive and invasive cosmetic procedures.

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